All you need to know about American TV in Europe.


 VPN  - Virtual Private Network 
A VPN is a popular way to watch American TV abroad. It will tunnel all your traffic to a server somewhere in the United States. Your European IP address  will be replaced by the IP address of the VPN server. If  the IP address is not blacklisted you will get access to the US streaming sites.  VPN servers are permanently tracked down and blocked. The more a VPN server is known on the web the chance it gets banned is higher!  


here is how it works:

american tv in europe


Did you know that you can install a self hosted VPN server at home? This is a smart solution to watch American TV in Europe when you have access to a fiber internet connexion in the United States.Read here about your own VPN - It can never be blocked or banned  by the big US video streaming sites (VET).